The vision of the Department is to spread the knowledge and to educate students in Physics and other interdisciplinary areas that will serve the nation and the world.


The mission of the Department of Physics is to build a foundation for excellence and to ignite interest and to promote enthusiasm and passion for Physics among students.


  • To ignite the young minds and equip them with skills and knowledge for higher studies and research and to serve as a valuable source for society.
  • To accomplish academic excellence on par with today’s requirement
  • To face the challenges of the modern world with scientific skills
  • To train the students to withstand the stress and strain of today’s world.
  • To undertake collaborative projects which offer opportunities for interactions with academia and industry
  • To develop student’s potential to its fullest extent so that intellectually capable and talented leaders can emerge in a range of professions

Department at a Glance

Established in the year 1953, the Department of Physics, Nirmala College, Muvattupuzha is offering two undergraduate programmes in Physics. The B. Sc. Physics model 1 programme started in 1957 and the model 2 programme with specialization in Applied Electronics started in the year 1998. The Department caters to the academic needs of many Physics aspiring young students. Currently, there are nine faculty members headed by Dr. George James T. The Department of Physics is supported by DST-FIST and DBT-Star College scheme. There are three laboratories for undergraduate students, one among which is exclusively dedicated for electronics experiments. The Department provides research facility in the field of Nanoscience with amenities for synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials. UGC and KSCSTE funded science projects, science popularization activities, lectures by prominent alumni of the Department have always added momentum to the progress of the Department.