Communicative English

The Department of Communicative English, since its inception in 2001 has been marking a remarkable impression upon students and supplying employable persons to diverse walks of life. The department offers U.G programme in B.A. English Literature and Communication Studies, (Model III Double Main) that provides the learner with immense opportunities to plunge into the pool of Language, Literature, Communication and Journalism which ultimately makes him/her competent enough to perform well in the global arena. Learning linguistics provide him/her the wisdom for the accurate expression of ideas. Literature steers him through models of umpteen life situations and makes him/her emotionally and intellectually solid.

Performance oriented language learning bestows him with the mastery of adept language use coupled with remarkable interpersonal skills. The student shall possess a testable knowledge on the various fields and branches of knowledge in accordance with the syllabus prescribed highlighting language, literature, and communicative studies. By the completion of the course students attain competence in the functional use of English during both academic and non-academic life situations.

The study of literature polishes their literary/artistic/imaginative skills and make them better thinkers and good critics and moreover responsible social beings. The course also provides with an ample room for the students to know about the principles and practices of Journalism. By unleashing the relatively obscure world of print and broadcast journalism, students will awaken into the new world opened in front of them. It is considered as the applied field of Literature, where one can find immense opportunities for the application of their linguistic abilities. It equips the learner as a journalist who could persuade, influence, and motivate the society.

The course will also bestow the learners with a tremendous vocabulary which will allow him/her to strike the right note while reporting an event or writing articles in a newspaper. In this way the course provides with ample opportunities for the student to learn language through literature and apply that learning through journalism. Press, being the fourth estate of democracy enjoys a considerable part in the proper functioning of the government machinery. The course builds good journalists who think, speak and act in a more humane way.

The department also owns its own website.