Publication Division – NARP

List Of Latest Publications Of NARP

Sl No Title of the Book Authors Year of publication
1 Proceedings of the International Seminar on Cell and Molecular Biology Dr. Sr. Tessy Joseph 2011
2 Proceedings on the International Conference on Responsible Tourism Dr. Gigi K. Joseph 2011
3 Process capability Studies Dr. Johny Scaria
Dr. Mathachan Pathiyil
Dr.T. M. Jacob
4 Information management in Digital Era Vasudevan Nampooothiri 2014
5 Invertebrate Systematics and Biology Dr. Shaju Thomas
Gigi K. Joseph
6 Beneficial Fungi with special reference to Mushroom cultivation, Mycorrhyza and Fungal Bio control agents Dr. Sr. Tessy Joseph 2015
7 Advances in Spectroscopic Identification Biju Peter 2015
8 Exploring the realms of quantum mechanics and computational chemistry Dr. Jyothish Kuthanapillil 2017