The Department aims to the holistic development of the student and make them able to contribute effectively for their welfare and society by acquiring knowledge in the field of animal science. The overarching mission of the Department is to promote the discovery and broad communication of knowledge about living organisms including their evolution and environment.

The Department of Biology came into existence in the year 1953 with two faculty members, one in Botany and the other in Zoology. It was bifurcated into Botany and Zoology Departments in 1967. BSc Zoology Programme was started in the year 1982 with applied Zoology as elective subject. MSc Zoology was introduced in 2001 with Environmental Science as special paper. In 2017, the Department was elevated to the status of a research Department with two research guides. At present we have seven faculty members and five research guides. The Department is supported by University grants commission, Department of Science and Technology-FIST Scheme, Government of India.

Why Choose Zoology

The Department is devoted to explore the animal world, spanning from molecules to intricate biological systems, while fostering an inclusive learning environment to nurture the next generation of zoologists.

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