Swachh Nirmala

Green Nirmala Clean Nirmala”

Nirmala college, Muvattupuzha established in 1953, located on a hilltop at the doorstep of highranges in the Western Ghats plays pivotal role in socio-economic development of the region. Nirmala College is having an Eco-friendly campus in all respects. Swachh Nirmala, “Green Nirmala, Clean Nirmala” is an initiative of the entire Nirmala College community to institutionalise cleanliness as an integral part of its functioning. This initiative has the following objectives.

  • To support the Swachhta movement in the country.
  • To contribute positively to the environmental consistency.
  • To campaign for good health, well-being, clean water, sanitation and clean energy.
  • To monitor the environmental performance of the college.
  • To formulate and implement a green protocol for students, faculty and campus level.

The performance of the college in this aspect is distinctive.

College Greenery

The campus adorned by lush greenery and splendid array of edifices has about 53 acres of land with state of art facilities for a constructive learning experience. Around 1.175 acres of land is set apart for the greening efforts like botanical garden, herbal garden, spices garden, biodiversity garden, vegetable garden, mushroom house etc. A total of 462 species of identified plants have been recorded from the campus. Botanical garden dedicated to collection, cultivation and display of wide range of herbs, shrubs and trees was established in 1977 and renovated in 2014. It also has two waterbodies which act as a natural habitat for hydrophytes.


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