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Department Of Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry was recognised as a Research department in 1989 (AC.A II(II) / 505/88 dated KTM 29th Jan. 1988). It is one of the foremost centres of research in Chemistry in affiliated colleges.
Research Guides 

  • Dr. Jyothish Kuthanappillil


Department Of Commerce

Nirmala College was recognised as a Research Centre for Ph.D. in Commerce on 1st January 2000. Dr. K. G. Jose, Dr. Simon G Thattil, Dr. James Mathew and Dr. G. S. Gireesh Kumar serve as the Research Guides of the Research Centre. At present, there are fifteen research scholars doing Ph.D. under the Research Department of Commerce. Twenty Research Scholars from this Department have already been awarded Ph.D. in Commerce during the last 18 years.
Research Guides 

  • Dr. James Mathew


Department Of Malayalam

The Department of Malayalam was recognized as a Research Centre for Ph.D. by Mahatma Gandhi University on 8th February, 2001(AC.A VI/2/3185 - R.C. 2000 dated 8th Feb. 2001).There are seven faculties supervising the research program. As of now 39 research scholars officially joined in the department for research activities.The Department has produced 13 PhDs since 2001. Our PhD theses got special recognition for their original research contributions in the year 2014.
Research Guides 

  • Dr. Lissie Joseph
  • Dr. Annie Thomas
  • Dr.(Sr.) Biji M.P


Department Of Hindi

The Department of Hindi was recognized as a Research Centre for Ph.D. by Mahatma Gandhi University on 3rd June 2005 (AC. A VI/2/1023/R-C/04 dated 3rd June 2005).
Research Guides 

  • Dr. Suja C

Department Of Statistics

The Department of Statistics was recognized as a Research Centre for Ph.D. by Mahatma Gandhi University on 2nd April 2009 (1565 AC. A VI/1/RC/2009 Acad. dated 2nd April 2009).
Research Guides 

  • Dr. Seethalekshmi
  • Dr. Jacob T.M


Department Of Zoology

Department of Zoology has been approved as a Research Department by Mahatma Gandhi University on 16th December 2017 with necessary orders issued ( No 7349/AV1/1/RC/1569/2016/academic dated 16/12/2017).
Research Guides And Scholars

  • Dr. Gigi K. Joseph
  • Dr. K.V. Vinod


Department of English

The department of English has been recognized as a  research department by Mahatma Gandhi University on 27 October 2018 as per the order number  7649/A/VI/2/RC/1263/2018/Academic.

Research Guides

  • Dr.Amstrong Sebastin
  • Dr.Nibu Thomson


Department of Physics

Nano Science Research Centre (NSRSC), Nirmala College, Muvattupuzha was established in 2011 to accomplish the goals of enhancing advanced research in the areas of material science and nanotechology. Presently the centre conducts active  research,  and also take initiative in providing world class lectures, awareness programmes, and Internship  to post graduate and under graduate students. The NSRC also conducts workshops and seminars on  recent trends and developments in nanotechnology. The research centre receives funding from various governmental agencies such as UGC New Delhi, and KSCSTE Trivandrum. The NSRC produced four  Ph.D. scholars so far and currently seven scholars are pursuing their research work leading to doctoral degree.  The work in research centre resulted in more than forty publications in reputed national and international journals.

Research Guide

  • Dr. Radhu S
  • Dr. Rajesh Kumar B



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