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The college Botanical Garden was established according to needs of students’ academicians, environmental studies and society from the year 1997. The college botanical garden is a dedicated collection and cultivation and display of wide range of herbs, shrubs and trees. The plants are labelled with their binomial nomenclature. Botanical garden provides a learning space for students outside the classroom. Nirmala college botanical garden has two water bodies with act as natural habitat for hydrophytes. Botanical garden was renovated in 2014.

Wick irrigation

Wick irrigation is a latest technique developed by Kamalam Joseph, a scientist at the Centre for Water Resource Development and Management (CWRDM) in Kozhikode, with an aim to facilitating farming even when there is scarcity of water.‘Wick Irrigation’ (termed Thiri Nana in Malayalam) reduces the water consumption for agriculture to a great extent. It is specifically designed for terrace cultivation, of mostly vegetables, in grow bags.


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