Students Union


The College Union is empowered to promote and facilitate student activities of the campus. College Union facilitate students to engage themselves effectively in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities of the College and provides opportunities for training as good citizens.

Objectives of Promoting College Union in the Campus

  • To promote social and cultural life of the students and to train them in the duties and rights of citizenship;
  • To provide opportunities for the comprehensive and integral development of students.
  • To develop a democratic, secular, scientific and socialist outlook and the spirit of service among students;
  • To organize activities of clubs and forums as it would enhance knowledge, character and efficiency of students;
  • To organize arts festivals to promote and develop the artistic talents of students;
  • To organize sports and games competitions to develop a spirit of sportsmanship;
  • To organize celebrations of local and national days to develop a spirit of patriotism among the students.
  • To encourage other activities keeping with the aims of the Union.