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Advancement in Science and technology has improved the physical quality of human life and has come to dominate every sphere of human activity.
At the same time development without virtues has been posing threat to humanity and challenges to its ethical foundations. ‘Science & Society’ provides a solid forum to discuss developments in science and its impact on modern society.

‘Science & Society’ is a national journal with ISSN No.0973-0206. It is subscribed nationally and internationally by scholars, teachers, scientists and many libraries, universities and research centres. The Journal is abstracted/indexed in Indian Science Abstracts (ISA), website

The journal analyses the implications of science policies, evaluates the environmental issues involved in the application of technology without human face and suggests alternatives. It also provides opportunity for academics to interact and evolve sustainable developmental strategies for a better society.


  • To evaluate the impact of development in science and technology on society.
  • To awaken the elite and the academic community to the need for a shift of focus from science for development to science for life
  • To assist the formulation of science policies and their consequences on the society.
  • To evolve alternative approaches to development for a better society.
  • To publish original research output in basic and applied sciences, humanities and linguistics.


  • A major section of the journal is dedicated to the publication of original research articles.
  • Pages set apart for students who would like to publish research articles to foster research aptitude and creativity among them.
  • Contributions in the form of commentary, news and views, review articles, short communications, and resource reviews.


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