There are 6 hostels in the college premises.

  • Alphonsa Hostel for Girls
  • Little Flower Hostel for Girls
  • St. Joseph’s Hostel for Girls
  • Assissi Hostel for Girls
  • Jeevajyothi Hostel for Boys
  • Sports Hostel for Sportspersons

Rules And Regulations Of Hostels

Students not residing with parents may reside in the college hostel or approved lodges.They may, however, reside with local guardians approved by the Principal. Students are forbidden from residing in unapproved private lodgings. Approved lodges will be subject to inspection by the staff member appointed for the purpose.

  1. They should submit full information regarding their residence to the college office at the time of admission. Any subsequent change in residence may be made only with intimation to the Principal.
  2. Hostel accommodation is available for both boys and girls.  Admission to the hostel is to be sought separately and sufficiently early. Application forms may be collected from the college office. The forms, after being filled in, should be given to the college office. Admission is confirmed only after remitting the admission fee .
  3. Admission is only for one academic year. The warden reserves the right to grant or deny admission/readmission, without assigning any reason.
  4. Parent/Guardian should be present at the time of admission/re admission.
  5. Residents are bound to comply with all the rules of the hostel set down by the respective wardens.
  6. Residents should strictly observe the study time (6.00 pm to 8.00 pm and 9.00pm to 10.30pm).
  7. Residents are not permitted to receive or entertain guests including their class/college mates without the prior written permission from the warden.
  8. Residents should return to the hostel by 5.30pm after their classes.
  9. Use of mobile phone is strictly controlled in the hostel. Residents are allowed to use mobile phone between 8.00pm 9.00 pm only.
  10. Attendance position of the residents will be periodically checked and those who are found to be irregular in the class will not be permitted to continue in the hostel.
  11. Residents will not have the choice to select their room and room mates. The room and room mates will be changed and shuffied after each semester.
  12. It is the responsibility of the residents to ensure that the rooms allotted to them are very tidy. Electrical fittings, furniture and other facilities provided in the room should remain intact. Residents will be heavily fined for the loss or damage of hostel property. They are not permitted to make their own alterations in the room.
  13. Attitude and relationship of the residents with the employees of the hostel should be cordial and positive.
  14. Residents shall make the entries in the movement register kept at the hostel while leaving the hostel and returning to the hostel.
  15. Residents who wish to stay in the hostel during vacation should get prior permission from the Warden.
  16. Hostel dues of each month should be cleared before 10 th of next month. Defaulter names will be removed from the hostel roll.
  17. Readmission will strictly be on the basis of performance in the University/College level examinations, percentage of attendance for the previous semester and their character and behaviour in the hostel and the college.
  18. Ragging is a criminal offence (Govt. Order No. 1157/12/86 H. Edn) and the names of the accused will be forwarded to the police. They will be immediately dismissed from the hostel and the college.
  19. Grievances, Complaints, Suggestions by the residents can be brought to notice of the Warden.
  20. Getting admission in the college doesn’t ensure admission in the hostel. Hence students are directed to enquire about the availability of hostel facility before they take admission in the college.
  21. Decision of the Warden pertaining to all matters of the hostel will be final.


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