Code of Conduct


  • Behave in such a manner that earns respect by upholding integrity, dignity, decorum and efficiency at all levels.
  • Be impartial in your decision with members of the staff.
  • Maintain tolerance while dealing with burning issues among students and subordinates.
  • Do not discriminate the faculty members and students on grounds of gender, color, creed.
  • Do not interfere with the free participation of colleagues in the affairs of their association
  • Do not deliberately distort the evaluation of colleagues.


A. Commitment to the Profession

  • Devote full working time to your profession
  • Refrain from engaging in external jobs that hamper your teaching.
  • Continuous effort should be made for professional development.
  • Involve in research activities
  • Keep your subject knowledge up to date
  • Create a culture that encourages useful collaboration and discourse among colleagues and stakeholders.
  • Take pride in the teaching profession and treat other members of the profession with respect and dignity.

B. Commitment to Colleagues

  • Treat your colleagues as professional equals, regardless of their status.
  • Refrain from making untested allegations against colleagues or higher authorities.
  • Open confrontation of whatever nature must be avoided.
  • Avoid making unpleasant statements about colleagues, especially in the presence of students, other teachers, officials or parents.
  • Respect the professional opinions of your colleagues.
  • Speak constructively of other teachers, but report honestly to responsible persons in matters involving the welfare of students, the college system, and the profession
  • Maintain active membership in professional organizations and strive to attain the objectives that justify such organized groups
  • Support the noble ventures of the colleagues that are useful for the institution, students and the society.
  • Avoid professional jealousy and dispute with colleagues especially when you have to work together for the common interest of the institution.

C. Attendance, Leave, Absence

  • Be regular and punctual and should report on time for classes. Teachers should be available in campus from 9:30 AM to 4:30PM unless they are assigned duties elsewhere.
  • Teachers can leave the campus during their working hours only with the permission of the principal.
  • Teachers should be present in all the programmes organized for the students to maintain the discipline and encourage students.
  • No periods should be left free. Head of the department has the prerogative of temporarily assigning a member of staff to teach a class in the absence of a teacher
  • Prior approval in writing should be obtained before proceeding on leave except in the case of casual leaves. In case of illness or emergency, inform the Principal and the Head of the Department without delay.

D. Commitment to Students

  • Teachers should demonstrate to students their commitment for excellence in work, manners and achievement.
  • Help students in Physical, Social, Intellectual, Emotional, and Moral Development.
  • Teachers should uphold human dignity and promote equality of gender, religion and ethnicity
  • Encourage students to maintain discipline.
  • Help students to develop a sense of responsibility, self-reliance and independence.
  • Encourage students to show respect to teachers, parents and authorities.
  • Help students to develop democratic and constitutional values.
  • Encourage patriotic spirit and among the students.
  • Help students to differentiate right from wrong and justice from injustice.
  • Encourage students to show respect and appreciation for personal and public property.
  • Assist students to exercise tolerance as they strive for understanding other’s ideas and beliefs.
  • Instil a feeling of pride in self, institution and community.
  • Strive to develop mutual courtesy and respect between teachers and students.
  • Treat each student with courtesy and consideration.
  • Work towards developing and promoting good human relations and qualities.
  • Do not encourage undue familiarity with students.
  • Do not smoke, drink or eat during teaching sessions in the presence of students.
  • Do not involve in any activities that are likely to corrupt student.
  • Do not make students part of any activity that involve the personal interests of the teachers.
  • Stimulate the spirit of enquiry in students.
  • Encourage the students to balance their academic and co-curricular fields.
  • Constantly pursue the improvement of learning facilities and opportunities.
  • Develop anti-narcotic attitude among the students.
  • Encourage research oriented learning.
  • Make responsible efforts to protect students from conditions harmful to their health and safety.

E. Commitment to the Community

  • Perform the duties of citizenship, and participate in community activities with due consideration.
  • Discuss controversial issues from an objective point of view to keep your class free from biased opinions and comments.
  • Encourage the involvement of students in social service activities
  • Work to improve education in the community and to strengthen the community’s moral, spiritual and intellectual life.
  • Develop respect for the cultural diversity of India among students.
  • Avoid taking part in such activities that hamper democratic ideals
  • Promote collaboration with external agencies that help social interaction
  • Work to improve education in the community and to strengthen the community’s moral, spiritual, and intellectual life.

Non-Teaching Staff

  • The administrative staff must be present in the office from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM. There is no provision to leave the campus during this time.
  • They should work sincerely for the effective administration of the institution.
  • The behavior should be polite and accommodative towards students and teachers


Nirmala College is your foster mother, the campus is your home. Apart from your parents, the teachers are most concerned about you and most interested in your future. Do your best to preserve the calm academic atmosphere of the campus. All inmates of the College shall behave always and everywhere with respect for God and love for the country. They shall pay special attention to good manners, gentlemanly behaviour, modest dress, order and cleanliness and shall do everything to maintain the dignity of the human person and the good name of the institution. They shall respectfully follow the instructions issued by the Principal and other competent authorities, from time to time.

Every member of the College should carefully note the following rules and accepted  traditions and try to respect them both in letter and in spirit.



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