Webinar @ Malayalam

The Webinar aimed to give an awareness about the impact of the Pandemic and how it changed the world view

The resource person, Dr Sooraj Pittappilly, spoke on the theories of social and cultural construction and the metanarratives that determined the socio cultural mind set up of the society and how those theories were deconstructed and how little narratives got superiority
Also the presentation helped to have a new world view on the basis of the Pandemic
There were 140 participants who gave grand appreciation of the webinar

Malayalam BROCHURE

The Webinar aimed to give an awareness about the influence and impact of the Foreign invasion in Kerala culture and history

The resource person Dr Pius Malekandam Department of History JNU, spoke on the social and cultural impact of the Portuguese invasion on Kerala culture and History

the presentation helped the 157 participants to have very deep insight into the impact of the foreign domination in Kerala culture and History
The participants gave grand appreciation of the webinar

Malayalam Brochure 3

he Department could organise a Webinar on Research Methodology
The Webinar expected outcome of the webinar was to give proper attitude and approach to Research Methodology and eventually make them to do effective research in Malayalam language and Literature

The resource person Dr Vidhu Narayan Department of Malayalam UC College Aluva spoke on the current methodology and ethics of research

the presentation helped the participants to do effective research
The participants well appreciated the webinar


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