Campus TV- Nirmala Darshan

For being in coherence with the changing needs of time and to give an empirical knowledge to the students of mass communication we have started a campus television, Nirmala Darshan. The venture keeps on giving a hands-on experience on televising and processing of visuals along with soft skills for giving a lively screen presence.

Department Newsletter- The Resonance

The Department of Communicative English proudly publishes the monthly newsletter ‘The Resonance’, which edifies the whole campus with its magnificent way of bestowing events steadfastly

Campus Radio Programme- Campus Beats

The Communicative English students, as part of their curriculum, oversees the functioning of the Campus Radio, entitled Campus Beats. The programme started in the year 2012. It diffuses Information, Education and Entertainment across the campus.

Field Trips

Press Visit

Trips to the press will make them see the printing process and procedures, the editorial conglomeration and ultimately it imparts an understanding about the hitherto obscure process. They get explanations and clarifications of their doubts from the men at printing. Print media visits are often made to Kottayam, the city of letters, which has the most sophisticated printing machinery in Kerala. Students are demonstrated with multicolour as well as greyscale printing, photo typesetting, typography, layout and design with all the nitty gritty of those machines.

Radio Station Visit

Radio station visit gives the students a chance to have a closer view and understanding of the modus operandi of Radio Stations. There they get a chance to see the programme production methods, along with the technical mechanism of FM radio broadcasting. Students can gather first-hand information on the process and they can come back with an awareness about radio broadcasting.

TV Station Visit

As a best practice that supplement the pedagogy, the mass communication students are taken to one of the leading Television Stations every year. There they get a chance to watch the operations of TV studio and control rooms (PCR and MCR). Visiting TV studio will impart an understanding on the various equipment and settings that facilitates programme production.

Recording Studio

To caress the ears with more clarity and improved technical brilliance, the college has a cutting edge audio recording and processing facility. The fully furnished acoustic Recording studio has all the advanced equipment for audio processing and ON-AIR programming across the campus.

Language Lab

The facility polishes the linguistic capability of students by giving special emphasis on software driven performance oriented instruction methods. Our cutting edge educational package from eTail Networks Limited (ETNL) facilitates the learner to imbibe with the natural order of language acquisition; Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. The package has unique provisions to rectify the upturned notions about language learning that are hindering the learner from attaining fluency. The language lab is equipped ETNL version 3 software with the licence of one teacher computer and thirty student computers

Speakers’ Forum

The programme BA Communicative English finds its culmination where all of its graduates are able to speak their thoughts effectively and fluently in English. Speakers forum is a collective formed among the students where talks on random topics are made in classrooms during the noon recess. Students pop up with their favourite topics with enough pondering and talk to the class to facilitate the diffusion of ideas. This will help our students to rise above their inhibitions and kindle their critical thinking faculty as well as foster linguistic capabilities.

Word of the Day

Building vocabulary is the key towards effective expression of thoughts. Communicative English has a focus on enhancing the communication skills of its students. To that there is a practice among our students to find an English word every day from random situations of life with its meaning/ meanings, usage of the word in a sentence and synonyms. Students read English newspapers and listen to talks in English to find words to this programme.

As an extension, these words collected are posted on the official Facebook page of the college on every Fridays under the head ‘Nirmala Fluent Friday’, to diffuse the content to the various stake holders of the college.

Nirmala ‘Hello Monday’

Inspirational quotes gleaned from famous personalities touching ethos, logos and pathos are cast through the official Facebook page of the college on every Mondays as a better way to start a week. The practice is getting wide acceptance from the various internal and external publics of the college.

Invited Talk on Media

An invited talk is conducted every year with resource persons from prominent media organisations to diffuse knowledge to students related to the media studies dimension of their curriculum.


A workshop on Camera Handling and Editing Techniques is organized every year by the Department of Communicative English for third year students for providing practical experience on handling camera and editing.

Personality Development Programme

Personality Development Programmes are schematized for every batch for boosting up their morale and thereby inspire and fuel up their inner potential.

Certificate Course English Speaking Foundation Course

To enhance the English speaking skills of students an English Speaking Foundation Course was started from 21 June 2018 under the expert guidance of Mr. Sojan, Amish N Chakkungal (Milwaukee Academy) and Ms.Mary Murphy (Scotland). The programme was arranged for giving training on the different aspects of communication through interaction process.