Vision and Mission

Our Vision

‘Academic Excellence with integrity of character’ of the teachers and the taught is the Vision of the Institution. The coat of arms of the college bears the inscription

– ‘Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom’

Our Mission

The Mission of the college is to mould educated citizens who love God, serve humanity and to help the youth grow up as competent, responsible and mature individuals with strength of character, moral uprightness and courage of conviction, imbued with qualities of head and heart.

The goals of the institution and the programmes to realize them are explicitly and categorically stated in the college Handbook cum Calendar, which is distributed at the beginning of every academic year to all members who are directly associated with the institution. Address by the Principal and the class teachers to the student community, the PTA meetings, the alumni forums are the means to make the stakeholders aware of the vision and mission of the institution.

The college aims at giving a dynamic and resilient education, intended to effect a transformation in attitudes, abilities and skills of the students leading to self development and consequently resulting in community and National Development. It also aims to lead higher education towards inclusive excellence through institutional transformation and to deepen and extend knowledge about the formation and utilization of human capabilities.

The institution strives to enhance the commitment of faculty and staff to the centrality of diversity, social justice, and democratic citizenship and equip our students with the skills necessary to respond to the opportunities and challenges associated with ever-changing societal demographics. Through a diverse living environment, where students live with people who are studying different topics, come from different walks of life and have evolving identities, intellectual transformation is deepened and conditions for social transformation are created though a caring, supportive climate throughout the College.

Teaching and learning should be informed by scholarly research and effective practice. It attempts to provide widely recognized leadership in the improvement of teaching, learning, and the assessment of educational outcomes across the life span through research, scholarship, technology and other extension activities that enhance the effective and efficient management of the College through high quality, innovative, and responsive education and training programs, including comprehensive education that lead toward certificates, diplomas and applied degrees.

The college endeavours to provide an effective, supportive, safe, secure and accessible working environment nurturing continuous improvement of working relationships at all levels in the college and promoting a proactive approach to professional development. Teachers could become institution’s greatest asset for driving responsible performance by offering a dynamic, interactive education environment that engages students in the learning process using technology to create effective modes and means of instruction that expand access to learning.