Locks of Hope

Apart from the technological advancements, cancer still remains as the most cunning disease, since detection after the primary stage is a matter of hope. Chemotherapy, a type of cancer treatment causes the loss of hair, which is considered as a great privilege to an individual especially women. A s p a r t o f C a n c e r d a y observed on February 4, we embarked a hair donation programme in our college auditorium at 2:00 pm on 1 February 2019. The intitiative was given the name “LOCKS OF HOPE”  , as loss of hair can also reduce the mental stability, since public exposure get troubled. The programme was inaugurated by the Principal, Dr. T M Joseph. Vice Principal James Mathew, bursar Rev. Fr Francis Kannadan, programme officers Nibu  and Seema also occupied the dais. A group of 96 comprising of students, teaching and non-teaching staff and Parents volunteered themselves without any pressure realizing the value. It is the humanity that resides in every individual provides an impulse for this act of respect.