WEB-OPAC (Book Search)

Nirmala College Library Web OPAC (LIBSOFT)

The web OPAC -LIBSOFT feature is available at https://nirmalacollegelibrary.libsoft.org/index2.html
Through this OPAC one can search the library books and also get the details of the books including
Title, Author, Copies, Edition etc. There are three types of searches available: a) Quick Search: In quick search one can enter a
book’s Title/Author/Keywords and then click on the ‘Go’ button to see the results.
b) Simple Search: The simple search contains Field Name, Operator, Look For and Sorting Field
1. In Field Name one can select the options like title/author/imprint/subject/series etc.
2. In Operator field, the default is LIKE. Others are Equal to, Not Equal to, Less than, Less than or Equal to, Greater than, Greater than or Equal to.
3. Look For field is the input field where one
can put the search word .The result can be sorted by giving the Sorting
Field option as either Title/Author and if you want
the result in Ascending order just click on the Asc
radio button or in Descending order click on the Desc radio button and finally pressing the Search