Library Services


Book Loan Services

This service covers issue, return, renewal and reservation of documents to library members at the circulation desk on the first floor. Members are eligible to get books issued for home reading for a specified period of time.

Book Search (OPAC)

Book search via the online public access catalog, ( OPAC) enables searching the library’s collection of books and other materials. Nirmala College Library uses Libsoft and Koha Integrated Library system for book searching. Users can search for books via the mentioned links.

Nirmala College Library Web OPAC

Nirmala College Library Web OPAC (KOHA)

Literature Search

Library staff assists in searching the library for books, journals, etc. The Internet facility is also available which is gateway to literature. Conducting a literature search involves web-based search engines, i.e., Google, Google Scholar, etc., or using various electronic research databases.

Print Magazines and Journals subscription: Library subscribes subject oriented journals and popular magazines based on the recommendations of library advisory committee and user requests.

Reference Service: The reference desk of the library provides library users with direction to library materials, advice on library collections and services, and expertise information from multiple like encyclopaedia, dictionaries, yearbooks, directories etc.

Compilation of Bibliographies: A bibliography lists all the sources used in research and covers the author, title, publisher, year etc. In addition to the above information, it is useful to note the library call number, or other identifying information required to locate the work. With the help of this service, a user can search for literature on a subject of interest according to set parameters.

Reprographic Services: Photocopying, Scanning and printing facility is available for the students and staff at the library. All such services are subject to the provisions of the existing Copyright law.

Digital Library: Nirmala digital library is an online database of digital objects such as text, still images, audio, video, digital documents, or other digital media formats.(

E- Journal Search: Library Network Resource Centre provides e-journals search facility, via DELNET and NILST INFLIBNET.

CD/DVD ROM Search:

Library users can use the CDs and DVDs available in the library for reference purposes.


N-LIST stands for “National Library and Information Services Infrastructure for Scholarly Content”. It is funded by the MHRD to extend access to selected e-resources to colleges. The browse and search interface allows one to search e- journals and back issues and subscribed resources under the consortium for registered colleges. Nirmala College central Library is a member of NLIST-INFLIBNET. Users can search for journal titles, words in title and publishers. Library users can register for this facility via a formal request to the librarian and obtain an individual username and password.


Nirmala College central Library is a member of Developing Library Network (DELNET) which offers access to resources of other libraries in India. DELNET provides e-resources to users. DELNET Union Catalogue is available at For username and password contact the librarian.

Inter Library Loan

It is possible to borrow books from other libraries on via inter library loan for research purposes via DELNET, if the title cannot be made available in the Library. Photocopy /printout from journals not available in Nirmala College Library can be requested from other Libraries. DELNET levies a nominal charge towards photocopying and postage for each request.


  1. Newspapers Archive: – Subscribed print newspapers of the last one year is archived for reference.
  2. Magazines Archive: –Popular magazines of the last one year is archived for reference.
  3. Bound volumes of journals- Back Volumes of print journals subscribed by Nirmala college library are kept for reference purpose.
  4. Question Banks: – Question papers of previous year MG University kept for reference purpose.
  5. Science and Society Archives:- Science and Society is a biannual journal published in

January-June and July-December by Nirmala College. Printed Back volumes of the journal available in the library.

  1. College magazines Archives:- Printed college magazines from 1956 onwards is kept for reference. Scanned pdf of the available college magazines uploaded and stored in the library blog.
  2. Rare Books: – Central Library collects and preserves rare books.
  3. Career Books: – Competitive exams help books, UGC NET books etc. available in the library.