Seminars, invited lectures and workshops

E department regularly organizes seminars, workshops and lectures on various syllabus related topics and industry areas, aiming for imparting industry knowledge and skill training for students. The active involvement of students is ensured all along and the interaction of the students helps them to improve their knowledge and know-how of industry areas and work-place culture in reality. Add-on programmes like Industry workshops and Expert interaction are organized on a regular basis. Besides, the various industry personals who visit the department often interact with students which update them with current trends and latest facility allocation in the industry. All these programmes are directed towards imparting students with industry-oriented knowledge which in turn buds a professional attitude in them, along with entrepreneurial culture.

Field Trips and Institutional visits

One another method for effective teaching is to take students for Field trips and Industry visits. For years, the department has been organizing targeted field trips which are a part of the syllabus. In addition, the department is an active participant of industry events like Kerala Travel Mart. The field trips are organized with an aim of educating the students on the practical side of Tourism academia. Specifically targeted on keen learners, these field trips engage students in experienced learning, and promotefirst-hand knowledge transfer. The industry visits are part of the academic calendar of the department and our students in recent years have visited almost all the major tourism institutes and destinations of the state. The department has tie-ups with all major tourism institutions of Kerala, and continuous visits are arranged every semester.

Mentoring and Remedial coaching

Output based mentoring is one of the key features of the Department’s teaching curve. In order to achieve this, special sessions are arranged by each teacher of the department focusing on every student. Realizing that each student has a different learning curve than others, students are divided into groups under department mentors. These groups are mentored by teachers who focus on individual development and prolific learning effectiveness. A personal relationship is maintained by each teacher with their mentees which helps teachers to effectively inquire about academic and personal problems of students. This includes counselling sessions also if required. Special Remedial classes are arranged for slow learners and extra effort is made by each teacher to assure successful careers for students.

National Trip

Every year, an all-inclusive National trip is arranged for final year Graduate and Post-graduate students as part of their course. The intention of this trip is to equip the students with Tour planning, Itinerary preparation, Tour costing and tour management. Every year, various destinations of Indian subcontinent are explored by students for a period of 15-20 days. Few faculties of the department also accompany the students in this trip. On return, the students submit an exclusive tour report to the department furnishing the details of the tour. The objective of such a report is to teach students on various aspects of tour reporting which is an important requirement for tour professionals.

Internship and Industry Training

Industry Internships and Training is provided to students with a view of imparting industry knowledge. Students are sent to various tourism institutions, travel agencies and stakeholder companies for several weeks where they are trained on various aspects of academia and tourism theories. Apart from syllabus requirements, every batch is sent for industry training every year for a period of 21 days for industry training at various locations such as star category hotels and international airports. The training institutions and organized by the department in accordance with syllabus and are directed to impart the students with real-time scenarios and work culture.

Tourism Day Celebrations

The International Tourism day is celebrated on 27th September every year. Our department organizes various events in the college campus as part of the celebrations. Every year tourism days is celebrated with a theme and special seminars are conducted for tourism students on the same. Along with it, competitions and events are conducted inviting students from all departments of the college. The department is decorated with art works and installations on the day which gives students an opportunity to showcase their talents in art.


Nothing gives great happiness more than seeing our students passing out in flying colours. Although we may miss them, greater is joy realizing that they are set out for a better future. The convocation ceremony held at department every year is conducted with great valour. Invited guests, management, parents and our alumni attend the function with great joy and pride. Course completion certificates are distributed to students along with honouring students that performed beyond excellence. Special awards are presented to students who displayed exceptional glory in co-curricular activities. The closure of an academic life for students is celebrated with great jubilation and contentment.