1. Industrial Visits
An understanding of what happens in an organizational setting is very essential
of a future HR professional. To have such an experience we offer the students a at
least 2 Industry Visits an year. Through this programme the students get a
chance to interact with the HR Professionals of the industry as well as the
department heads of other departments.

2. Invited Talks, Seminars and Workshops
To enrich their knowledge in various areas of management, the department
provides them with extra sessions by inviting eminent personalities to handle
various sessions for the students. The active involvement of students is ensured
all along and the interaction of the students helps them to improve their
knowledge and know-how of industry areas and work-place culture in reality.

3. CSR Activities
To become a good manager, we need to take care of our company also we need to
do something for the society. To impart social responsibility among the students
the department offers various society responsible programme. Through such
programmes the students gets knowledge about various functional areas of

4. Out Reach Trip
To build a good relation among the the senior junior batches, the department
organizes a one day outreach trip to a destination, where they do something that
the society can be benefited.

5. Internships
To gain a practical or real time experience of what they learn in the text books,
the students are sent to various MNC’s to have a practical knowledge. By this
programmes the students gets profound knowledge. By the help of such
internships students also get a better chance to get placed in a better position.

6. Study Trip
It allows students to be involved in new environments, key to encouraging
curiosity about a given subject. It is also valuable as an exercise in broadening a
student's understanding of the world and their place in it.
Educational trips encourage the development of social, personal and study skills.
Field trips provide students with new opportunities for learning through
experience: Information is presented to students in a way that meets different

learning modalities. Field trips provide students with the ability to learn by doing
instead of just passively listening to the information being taught in class.

7. Convocation
Although, we miss our students very badly, but nothing gives more happiness
than seeing the students passing in flying colours with happy faces. A
convocation ceremony holds a very important place in every student's heart. It is
that day in the academic life of the students when all the hard work, dedication,
commitment, and enthusiasm pay off. It is a proud day for a lot of parents
because their not-so-little kids get their hard earned education degree. The
convocation ceremony held at department every year with great spirit. Invited
guests, management delegates, parents and our alumni attend the function with
great joy and pride. Course completion certificates are distributed to students .
The closure of an academic life for students is celebrated with great triumph and

8. Value Added Course and Certificate Courses
For having an additional knowledge to the students, the department offers
various value added courses and certificate courses apart from what they want to
learn from the syllabus. The duration of the course is 30hrs and it is mandatory
for all the students to participate in the same.