Swachh Nirmala

Green Nirmala, Clean Nirmala”

Nirmala College has 53 acres of land rich with vegetation and natural beauty.  It ensures several measures to preserve its greenery and cleanliness. It was shortlisted in the National level Swachhta Ranking in 2017, 2019 and Green Audit was conducted in the years 2016-17 and 2018-19. The NCC cadets and NSS volunteers participated in the Swatch Bharat Internship programme and the college organises Swatchhta Rally every year to create awareness among the students and public.

The college maintains two acres of organic farm where tapioca, vegetables, plantain etc. are cultivated. Precision farming method was adopted to understand new ways of farming. This initiative is supported by the Govt. of Kerala. An Arboretum – “Oxygen Park” is maintained in the campus where rare and endangered trees are planted and allowed to grow wild in the natural environment. A well-maintained herbal garden of medicinal plants having indigenous herbs is an asset to the college. The Botanical garden of the college is repository of diverse groups of species under the plant kingdom. A database of the flora in the campus is made and the botanical names are displayed. A Butterfly garden with host plants is maintained to enhance the beauty of the campus.

The college has pedestrian friendly paths with trees along the sideways for shade. A 151364-litre capacity tank is fixed in the campus in order to collect rain water from the roof top. The water recharging unit functions in a naturally. The water will trickle down through the earth to the nearby open well. This raises the water level in the surrounding areas as well.

An effective waste management system is adopted in the campus. Organic waste management is done effectually through Vermin compost plants and Biogas plants and the biogas produced is used in hostels. Different bins are kept for effective segregation of Bio-degradable wastes, Non – biodegradable wastes and e-wastes. For the effective disposal of chemical wastes, an MoU is signed with Kerala Enviro Infrastructure Ltd. The college has a plastic shredding unit and the crushed plastics were used for tarring.

Energy consumption in the campus is carefully monitored. Solar panels are installed in the campus which generates income regularly. Two blocks of the college now completely depend on solar power for the energy requirements. LED bulbs are installed in new administrative block to minimise the consumption of power.

Several measures are taken to minimise the use of papers. The following initiatives are taken to make Nirmala a paperless campus:

  • The campus uses latest software TCS for online admission, internal assessment and fee payment
  • The college uses another software named SPARK for salary disbursal, online office work and scholarships
  • Submission of Assignments and Projects through online classroom like Moodle and Google classroom.
  • Digital Library – The Library was completely automated. ILMS (Integrated Learning Management System) was introduced.

The first Tuesday of every month is observed as “No Own Vehicle” day to exhort the need for pollution control and the promotion of public transport system. In order to infuse environmental consciousness and to develop kinship with environment an attempt named “Haritha Keralam” is initiated in the campus. A nature centred view is promoted through the programme. Each NSS volunteer has to plant a tree and nurture it while in the campus.