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Grievance Redress Cell

There is provision for the redress of grievance at three levels. Complaints shall be brought to the notice of the teacher concerned in the first instance. If the student is not satisfied with the decision, he/she may appeal to the Departmental Grievance Redress Cell, which has as members, the Head of the Department, the Class-teacher and the teacher concerned. The student will also have the freedom to make further appeal to the College Level Grievance Redress Cell.


The Cell takes care of the various grievances and discipline of the campus includes

1 Dr. J. Georgi Neernal ( Chairman)
2 Dr. Vinod K.V. (Vice Chairman) 
3 Dr. Manu C. Skaria (PTA Exicutive Committee Member)
4 Mr. Mathews K.Manayani (Internal Assessment Joint Co-ordinator)
5 Mr. Arun Geo Augustine  (Faculty from Self Financing streams)
6 Ms. Leena Mathews (Co-ordinator – Women's Cell)