College Union

  1. The objectives of the College Union are (1) to train students of the college in the duties and rights of citizenship. (2) to promote opportunities for the development of character, leadership and spirit of service among students. (3) to organize debates, seminars, work squads etc. and (4) to promote opportunities for students to organize sports, arts and other cultural and recreational activities.

  2.  All Students of the College shall ipso facto be ordinary members of the Union and shall have the right to vote and contest in the election of the Union.

  3. The tenure of the College Union shall be one academic year.

  4. The Principal shall be the ex-officio Patron and honorary Treasurer of the College Union. The executive of the college union, shall normally formulate the general policy of the union, but the Patron shall be the ultimate authority in all matters connected with the college union. He will depute a staff member to act on his behalf. All union meetings and stage programmes shall be conducted by the guidance and presence of the staff adviser.

  5. The funds of the college union shall be held by the honorary treasurer. All the accounts relating to the expenses of the Union and the associations under it shall be placed before the Union Executive for sanction and approval.

  6. The Arts Festival should be conducted under the guidance and supervision of the convener of arts festival, stage directors and staff adviser. The editing and publishing of the college magazine require permission of the staff editors, staff adviser and the Principal.

  7. The College Magazine is published once a year. The students should also contribute their best literary and artistic efforts to keep up its high standard.