Book Publications

Faculty Publications for the last five years (2007-12)

1. Anu Anto and  Sabu K. Thomas. Seasonal variation in the litter chemical quality of a wet evergreen forest in the Wayanad region of Western Ghats. Current Science. 93: 3,  391-394. 2007.

2. Anu, A, and  Sabu, T.K. Biodiversity analysis of forest litter ant assemblages in the Wayanad region of Western Ghats using taxonomic and conventional diversity measures. Journal of Insect Science 7.06, available online: insectscience.org/7.06. 2007.

3. Anu A, Sabu T K. and  Vineesh P.J. Seasonality of litter insects and relationship with rainfall in a wet evergreen forest in south Western Ghats, 10pp. Journal of Insect Science.9:49, available online insect science.org/9:49.1.014. 2009.

4. Sasikala K. Joseph and Shaju Thomas. Diversity of Freshwater Crustaceans in MuvattupuzhaRiver Basin, Kerala. Sci.&Soc.7(1)25-32. 2009.

5. Thomas K. Sabu, Raj T. Shiju and  Anto Anu.  Effectiveness of pitfall trapping, Winkler and Berlese extraction methods for sampling ground-dwelling Coleoptera in subtropical montane cloud forests. Oriental Insects. Vol 44: 1. 345-360. Available online 5 Jan     2012.

 6. Jisha Jacob and Sasikala K Joseph. “Faunal Diversity of a pond in relation to its Physico-chemical Characteristics” .Science and Society, Vol.8 No(1), 39-48. 2010.

7. Shaju Thomas et al. 2010. Two New Species of the Genus Ergasilus Nordamann (Copepoda, Poecilostomatoida) from Freshwater Fish Ponds in Andhra Pradesh, India. Science& Society.8 (2)147-156, 2010.

8. Gigi K. Joseph. Feeding Ecology of Lion-tailed macaque (Macaca silenus) in SilentValleyNational Park, Kerala. Science and Society, 9 (1) 63-78, 2011.

9. Shaju Thomas et al. A Reconnaissance study of Animal Diversity in Periyar Tiger Reserve, Kerala with Special reference to Invertebrates. Science & Society 10(2): 173-184.2012.

List of Publications in Conference Proceedings during last five years by the faculty members in the Department.

1. Shaju Thomas et al. Biodiversity as a tool for Conservation and Sustainable Development  Education. 4th International Conference onEE, conducted by CEE, Ahmedabad in Collaboration with MoEF, UNEP and UNESCO, 24-28 Nov. pp:   82-83, 2007

2. Shaju Thomas and Joseph J. Karror. Environmental Problems of Muvattupuzha River (Kerala) an over view. 3rd NationalRiver Conference on “River, Global Warming  and  Globalization”-16th to 18th Feb.pp:67-70, 2008

3. Shaju Thomas- Environmental History is His Story- A case Study from the Southern  Western Ghats. First World Congress on Environmental History.  Organised  by  ICEH and RoskildeUniversity at Copenhagen, Denmark, 4-8th August, pp: 211-12,2009 http://wceh2009.org/index.php/programme

4.Shaju Thomas. Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD) on Indigenous and Local Communities-an Indian Perspective. United Nations Global Indigenous People’s Consultation on REDD, Baguio City, Philippines 12-14  November, 2008.  http://www.un-redd.org/Publications/tabid/587/Default.aspx

5.Shaju Thomas. Climate Change – A Critique of NAPCC and REDD. National workshop on Global Warming and its Implications for Kerala. Organized by Dept.ofForests and Wildlife, Kerala   Forest Research Institute, Peechi and Bamboo  Development  Agency, Kerala,  19-21 January. Abstracts Page No:49.2009

6.Gigi K. Joseph. Emergence of Periyar Foundation as a Model of Participatory Forest Management. National Seminar on People and Tigers-Shifting Trajectories of Ecology and Co-Existence. Department of Forests, Govt. of Kerala. pp 63-71.2009

7. Shaju Thomas. “Globe Ethics in the Time of Global Warming”. International Conference on Global Warming, Climate Change, Sustainable Development and Secular Spirituality. Organized by Santhrigiri Research Foundation in association with  UNESCO and American Centre, 9-11 Sept. Abstracts: 63-64 2010.

8. Shaju Thomas. 2010. “Aspects of Human Evolution”. Regional Seminar on Darwinism and Modern Evolutionary Biology. Organized by the Postgraduate Dept. of Zoology in collaboration with IISc, Bangalore and sponsored by UGC, 14-15th Oct. pp: 17-29,   2010.

9. Sajan Jose, K and Shaju Thomas 2011. National Seminar on Harmful/Beneficial Insects of Agricultural Importance with Special Reference to the Nuisance Pest Luprops tristis in Rubber Planatations. Organised by PG and Research Department of Zoology, St. Joseph’s College ,Calicutin association with KSCSTE and sponsored by UGC  on  17&18 Feb. pp:70-74.2011.

10.  Shaju Thomas 2011. “Linking Natural and Social Sciences for Earth System Governance –A Case Study from the Western Ghats, IndiaColorado Conference on Earth System Governance: Crossing Boundaries and Building Bridges, Colorado State UniversityUSA: 17-20th May. Abstracts: 57. 2011. http://cc2011.earthsystemgovernance.org/documents/CC2011AbstractBookLinking SocialNatural.pdf

11. Gigi K. Joseph 2011. Lion tailed Macaque (Macaca silenus) as a Flagship Species for the Biodiversity Conservation Efforts in SilentValleyNational Park, Kerala. Proceedings of Abstracts of a UGC sponsored  State Level Seminar on Biodiversity at Risk-An Indian Perspective during September 28-29, 2011 held at the BharataMataCollege, Thrikkakara, Kerala. pp. 6-7.

12. Gigi K. Joseph 2011. Biodiversity Conservation through Peoples Participation- A case study from Periyar Tiger Reserve, Thekkady. Proceedings of a National Seminar on Biodiversity : Present Status and Future Concerns at AlphonsaCollege, Pala during 13 &14 Dec 2011.

13. Gigi K. Joseph 2012. Solid Waste Management in Kerala- A case study from Thekkady (Kumili Grama Panchayat), Idukki District, Kerala. Proceedings of a National Seminar on Solid Waste Management at MarAthanasiusCollege, Kothamangalam from 2nd to 3rd March 2012.

14. Gigi K.  Joseph 2012. Primate Diversity in Kerala with Special Reference to SilentValleyNational Park. Proceedings of the National Seminar on Faunal Diversity of Kerala held during 23-24 March 2012 at Pazhassi Raja N S. S. College, Mattannur, Kannur, Kerala. pp. 30.

List of scientific/ technical Books written by Faculty Members in the Department during the last five years

1. Gigi K. Joseph. 2007. In Walker, S & S. Molur (Compilers & Editors). Guide to South  Asian Primates for Teachers and Students of All Ages.  Zoo Outreach Organisation,  PSG South Asia and WILD, Coimbatore, India

2. Shaju Thomas et al. 2009. “Biology –Perspectives and Methods for Undergraduate Students” Published by Greenleaf Publications, Kottayam, Kerala

3. Shaju Thomas and Gigi K. Joseph  et al. 2009. Biodiversity – Scope and Challenges”  Published by Greenleaf Publications, Kottayam, Kerala

4. Shaju Thomas, Gigi K. Joseph et al 2011. Environmental Biology, Toxicology &  Disaster  Management –The fundamentals for Undergraduate Students .2011,  Published by Greenleaf Publications, Kottayam, Kerala

5. Shaju Thomas and Sajan Jose, K. 2011. Meliponiculture- A Hand Book for Farmers. Published by the Authors.

6. Shaju Thomas and Sasikala K.Joseph (In Press) contributed one chapter titled - Copepods of     Peninsular India”- in the Book Invertebrate diversity and  conservation in the  Western Ghats’ by Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the  Environment,  (ATREE), Bangalore, India.