Book Publications


Research Publications of the Faculty


Dr. S Sankararaman
1.       Introduction To Photonic Crystals (English), Adhyayan Publishers, New Delhi, 2010.
2.       Oorja Prathisandhi (Energy Crisis) (Mlayalam), Kasi Books, Thodupuzha, 2009.
3.      India- America Aanavakarar Oru Patanam (Malayalam)
Priyadarshini Publication Society, Indira Bhavan, Trivandrum,2009.
4.       Enjoy Physics Through Projects - A Play with Diodes, Adhyayan Publishers, New Delhi, 2010.
Dr. Thomas Varghese
5.      Electron Momentum Distribution and Compton Profile Studies, ISBN 978-3-8383-9664-4. Published by LAP-Lambert Academic Publishing AG& Co. KG, Germany, 2010.
6.      Nanotechnology: An introduction to synthesis, properties and applications of Nanomaterials,ISBN: 978-81-269-1638-2, Atlantic Publishers, New Delhi, 2011
7.      Proceedings of NANOSTECH 2011 (Ed.), NARP, 2011.
8.   Source book for HSS Electronics Teachers (Class IX),SCERT,Kerala, Trivandrum, 2005.
Book Chapters
1.  Suprabha T., Sunny Joseph and Suresh Mathew (2011), Nanotitania for photocatalytic applications inEncyclopedia of Semiconductor Nanotechnology, American Scientific Publishers, California (In press).
2.    AnuTresa Sunny, Sunny Joseph, Thresiamma George, Sabu Thomas, and Suresh Mathew (2011) in ‘Polymers for Advanced Nanomaterials: Synthesis Properties and Applications’ Ch. 14, pp. 307-364, Studium Press, New Delhi.
3.    Thomas Varghese, Sukirtha TH and Sunny Joseph “Biosensors Based on nanomaterials”, inNanotechnology in Biology and Medicine, SK Singh (Ed.) Studium Press (India), New Delhi (In Press).
ARTICLES – 2007-2011
Prof. Sunny Joseph
1.   Sunny Joseph, Thresiamma George, K.C. George, Anu Tresa Sunny and Suresh Mathew, ‘Morphology tuning of strontium tungstate nanoparticles’, AIP Conference Proceedings, 929 (2007) 95-99.
2.   Thresiamma George, Sunny Joseph, Anu Tresa Sunny and Suresh Mathew, ‘Fascinating morphologies of lead tungstate nanostructures by chimie douce approach’, Journal of Nanoparticle Research., 10 (2008) 567-575.
3.   Thresiamma George, Sunny Joseph, Anu Tresa Sunny and Suresh Mathew, ‘Visible-light photocatalytic activities of a-AgVO3 nanorods and BiVO4 nanobars’, International Journal of Nanotechnology, (2011) (in press).
4.   Sunny Joseph, Anu Tresa Sunny, Thresiamma George, Rajan Jose, Thomas Varghese, K.C. George and Suresh Mathew ‘Soft Chemical Synthesis and Structural Characterisation of Nanophase Zinc Orthophosphate: Effect of Mn2+ on its Photoluminescence’, Proceedings of NANOSTECH 2011, Science and Society, 9/2 (2011) 219-226.
Dr. Jasceentha O.P.
5.  O. P. Jasceentha and C. S. Menon, Characterization of optical, electrical and structural properties of Silver phthalocyanine thin films, Journal of Materials Science: Materials in electronics, DOI 007 /S 10854-007-996-0, (2007).
6.  O. P. Jasceentha and C. S. Menon,  Optical characterization of Zinc hexadecafluoro phthalocyanine  thin  films, Science and Society, Vol.5 (2), (2007) 136-139. 
7. O.P. Jasceentha and C. S. Menon, Effect of substrate temperature on Cobalt hexadecafluoro phthalocyanine , F16CoPc” thin films , Science and Society, Vol.8 (1), 25-30 (2010).
8.  O. P. Jasceentha and C. S. Menon,   Cobalt hexadecafluoro phthalocyanine  thin film (F16CoPc) thin film dosimeters, Science and Society, Vol.6 (1), 61-68 (2008).
Dr. S. Sankara Raman
9.   Adulteration study in Petrol using ultrasonic technique, Joy of Physics, 2007
10.  Global warming and climate change, Proceedings of the National seminar on Impact of climate change on Environment, SN College, Cherthala, July 30-31, 2009.
11. Global warming, Trade wind, Annual journal of Commerce, Newman college, Thodupuzha, 2009
12.  Challenges to Biodiversity, Science and Society, , June 2010.
Dr. Thomas Varghese
13.Electron momentum distribution and Compton profiles of europium, European. Phys. J. D 57, 9-11 (2010)
14. Nanotechnology in carbon materials,Science and Society, Vol.7 2, pp 113-118 (2009)
15. The large Hadron Collider,       JOP, Vol. 4, pp 49-53 (2009)
16. Electron momentum distribution of silver, Science and Society, Vol.6 1, pp 31-34 (2008)