About Department

Department of Physics - An Overview


Sl. No.




Sunny Joseph, M.Sc

Asso. Prof. (H.O.D.)


E.V. Krishnan Nampoothiri, M.Sc, M.Phil

Asso. Prof.


Nirmala Mathew, M.Sc

Asso. Prof.


Sheela Alias, M.Sc, M.Phil

Asso. Prof.


James .C. John, M.Sc

Asso. Prof.


Dr. Jaseentha O.P, M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D

Asso. Prof.


Susan Varghese, M.Sc, M.Phil

Asso. Prof.


Regeena Joseph, M.Sc

Asso. Prof.


Aloysius Sabu N, M.Sc, B.Ed., M.Phil

Asso. Prof.


Dr. S. Sankara Raman, M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D

Asso. Prof.


Dr. Thomas Varghese, M.Sc, B.Ed., M.Phil, Ph.D

Asso. Prof.

Laboratory Staff

1. Sri. T.C. Jose                                               Mechanic
2. Sri. P.M. Thomas                                         Lab assistant
3. Ms. Syamala E.R.                                        Lab assistant
Every year 36 students are admitted to B.Sc. physics (model-1 conventional), 24 students to B.Sc. physics (model-2 vocational) courses and 25 students to the ADD-ON course. 50 % vacancies for model 1 and model 2 are filled on merit basis, 20 % by SC/ST merit reservation, 20% by management reservation, and 10 % by community merit reservation.
Curriculum Implementation
Choice Based Credit and Semester System (CBCSS)  is introduced in the curriculum for degree courses from 2009 onwards. The detailed course structure and syllabus is published in the website of MGU.
Academic Support for the Students
Add On Course
The department conducts a UGC sponsored career oriented ADD-ON certificate course in information technology (IT).
Remedial Classes
Remedial classes are conducted for SC/ST and weaker students to improve their standard. The following teachers are in charge of remedial classes (physics)
(a) Dr.Jasceentha O.P., (b) Dr.Thomas Varghese and (c) Sri. Aloysius Sabu N.
The college offers qualified persons on all days for academic counseling. There are yearly retreats for students and teachers.
Value Education Classes
The first 30 minutes on all Wednesdays are set apart for imparting value education to the students. The students are taught about the moral values and examples of past and present exemplary persons. The respective class tutors take the value education classes of the topics on the day.
MS Office Course
The department conducts MS office course for the B.Sc. Physics students to develop computing skills, which helps them to explore computer aided learning.
Complaint Redressal
There is a mechanism to redress the complaints of students in academic or personnel matters.
Cash Awards
To promote the meritorious students, four cash awards are instituted by the department for best students.
1. Prof: P.M. KURIAN award: Cash award to the highest scorer of final B.Sc. students in the university examinations.
2. Dr. P.J. MICHAEL award: Cash award for Ist in general proficiency at Christmas examinations of I B.Sc., II B.Sc. and III B.Sc.students.
3. Prof. K.O. PATHROSE ENDOWMENT: Cash award for Ist, IInd, and IIIrd place winners of science quiz conducted every year at the college level.
4. Prof. George Kuriakose Endowment: Cash award for Best all-round performance of I B.Sc.
 1 Two Laboratories,
 2 Electronics Workshop,
 3 A Nanoscience Research Laboratory, 
 4 A Staff Room
 5 Computers with Internet Facilities
 6 LCD Project for ICT Enabled Class Room
 7 Printers, and Scanner cum Photostat machine
 8 Book Bank with more than 500 books
 9 Telephone
10 Intercom
 In addition, many teaching aids such as, models and charts are available in the department.
1.     Electronic Balance
2.     Heating Mantle
3.     Magnetic Stirrer
4.     Hot Air Oven- Bottom Heated
5.     Distilled Water Plant
6.     KBr Pellatiser
7.     Autoclave
8.     Centrifuge