Major Achievements


§  The Research Centre of Malayalam produced 06 PhD Thesis

§  07 out of 11 Faculty Members are PhD holders.

§  The Dept. could establish 06 collaborations, 01 of them at International level

§  04 Major Research Projects were completed and 02 Major Research Projects are on the process

§  05 Minor Research projects are progressing

§  The Department Organised 09 seminars and one of them at National Level Sponsored by UGC.

§  The Department Organised 02 Study Camps of 06 days for the students and the public

§   The Department has 07 University Ranks and 03  JRF Holders and 11 NET Winners to its credit

§  Faculty Members of the Department has Published 02 Books and 01 Book Chapter

§  Students of the Dept. Published 03 Books, 05 Articles and 08 Poems

§  Produced  Audio CD on History of Malayalam Poetry and Video CD on Theeyyattu and  Mudiyettu

§  The Best Student of MG University invited by the President of India to participate in the Republic Day celebration of the year 2012 at New Delhi was from the Department.

§  Asha Vijayan Participated in the NCC National Camp held at Sikkim in 2012.

§  The Dept. conducts Certificate Course on Yoga.

§  The Dept. Organizes Sahrudayakoottam a forum for Academic, Cultural and Literary Programme.

§  The Dept. conducts Ezhuthukoottam a forum for Creative Writing and Presentation for all the Students of the College.

§  Malayalam Association was Selected as the Best Association of the College in the  year 2009.

§  Staged the Drama, Chorana Koora   in 2009 and Won the Best  Drama, Best Actor and best Actress Awards

§  Varghese Paul (I MA) secured 1st prize  in Essay Writing competition in MG University Kalostavam 2009 and Arathy P Nair got II Prize in MG University Kalotsavam in 2008

§  Sreemith K P, Abil B, Maju K R (Foot Ball) and Dhanilkumar K (Hand Ball) were selected to the MG University Team.

§  The students of the Dept. produced 03 Manuscript Magazines.

§  02 students of the Dept. received Manorama & FOMAA International Award for their Academic Merit.

§  Linta Scaria sang in 06 CDs.

§  Students of the Department got The Best Library User Award for the Past Five Years.

§  The Dept. recently inaugurated a  ‘Blog’ – www.aksharam.blog.com in order to facilitate Academic and Literary Writing, Social Commitment as well as to promote Malayalam Language and Literature.