About Department



The Department of Malayalam has been in the mainstream of academic life in the college from its inception in 1953. The department was elevated to the level of an independent Department with B.A. course in the year 1980. Postgraduate course was started in 1993. Department has been recognized as research center in the year 2001. The Department consists of 180 students including 20 research scholars.


- Inception of Malayalam Department with B.A. Degree Course in 1980
 - P.G. Course in 1993
 - Dept. Library in 2000
 - Research Centre in 2001

The academic activities of Malayalam Department give emphasis to promote Research, Preservation and Transmission of Local Knowledge Oral Tradition and Regional Culture, which are the valuable sources Literature and Culture. So the Academic activities of the Department of Malayalam try to live and Revitalize the rich Culture and Heritage.