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The B.A. Degree in English Language and Literature is a three-year programme. The Post graduate programme in English Language and Literature offered by the department is a two-year programme. Besides these two programmes, several common and complimentary courses are handled by the department for other streams as well.




Department of English has been conducting bridge courses for first year BA English Language and Literature students at the beginning of the academic year from the year 2009 onwards. Since the methodology of teaching language in schools focuses on the functional content, the students find literature texts taught in colleges alien. The bridge course aims at improving the literary sensibility of the fresh graduate students in order to familiarize them with emotional and symbolic language in literature. To bridge the gap (gap between +2 and degree syllabus) the department introduced a one- week bridge cum orientation course for the newcomers with contents such as creative writing, drama workshops, reading exercises and training in public speaking. 2010 onwards a revised syllabus was introduced and it focused not just on the literary content of the prescribed text. The tutor designs the schedule, arranges classes, and allots teachers and resource persons to conduct classes. Regular feedbacks are elicited.