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1.Isolobal Concept- 11th  Rev Dr.Mathew Thottiyil memorial Lecture edited by Prof. Lissamma Joseph and prof. Mercyamma jacob.
2 PET-SWNT Nanocomposites through Melt compounding , Dr. Rani Joseph, Dept. of Polymer ChemistryCochin University.
 3    Optical properties of hybrid nanomaterials,      K.George Thomas
   Rev Dr.Mathew Thottiyil memorial Lecture series 2009
4        Nanomaterials in medicine                Deepthy Menon
        Rev Dr.Mathew Thottiyil memorial Lecture series 2008
5.    Interfacial Chemistry, Science and Applications      P.A. Hassan  
                 Rev Dr.Mathew Thottiyil memorial Lecture series 2007
        6. Nanomaterials for electronics Applications        Dr. V.Kumar .
  Rev Dr.Mathew Thottiyil memorial Lecture series 2006
7.     Introduction to Supramolecular Chemistry& Combinatorial Chemistry
A.Ajayghosh & K.N. rajasekharan.
8.Space Ordnance & The History of the Development of Rockets and Indian    rocketry.       A.G.Rajendran.
Rev Dr.Mathew Thottiyil memorial Lecture series 2005.
9.. Polymer Nanocompsites      Sabu Thomas     
 Rev Dr.Mathew Thottiyil memorial Lecture series 2003
    10 Chemistry of the Conjugated Oligomers          Herbert Meier.
         Rev Dr.Mathew Thottiyil memorial Lecture series 2002
Research Paper publications after 2007


 1. On the reactions of Anthranilic acid with thionyl chloride: Iminoketene Intermediate formation.

Dominic Jacob, Lopez Mathew.

Indian J.Chem. Sec B.(2007) .


2. Microwave assisted addition of azomethanes to isatoci anhydride

Dominic Jacob, Lopez Mathew.

J. Chem. Sci.vol.119,(2007) 47-51..


3.Push-pull Oligomers with2,2-Dicyanovinyl Groups as Electron Acceptors.

Dominic Jacob, Herbert Meier, ,Bastian Muhling, Jurgen Gerold, Annette Oehlhof

Eur,.J.Org.Chem.(2007), 625-631.


4.Synthesis of Tribenzo[b,f,j][1,5,9]Triazacyclododecine-6,12,18(5H,11H,17H)-trione

Dominic Jacob, Lopez Mathew.

Sci& Soc..6(2)145-150(2008)


5.Mass spectral studies on Dianthranilide and Trianthranilide

Dominic Jacob, Lopez Mathew.

Sci& soc. 7(1) 33-36(2009)


6. The reaction of 5-substituted-2-Norbornenes with phenylselenyl chloride

Thomas Francis, Jonathan m.White, D. Alan r. Harper

Aust. J.Chem. (2008),61,283-287.


7.Morphology Controlled Strontium Tungstate Nanostructures, SunnyJoseph, Thresiamma George and  Suresh  Mathew,­Proceedings of DAE-BRNS International   Symposium in Materials Chemistry, ISMC-06,  H-04,  403-405.

8.Morphology tuning of Strontium tungstate Nanoparticles.

Thresiamma George, Sunny Joseph,K.C.George, Anu Tresa Sunny, Suresh Mathew

Proceedings of First Sharjah International Conference on Nanotechnology and its applications(2007)

9. Facinting morphologies of lead tungstate nanostructures by chimie douce approach

Thresiamma George, Sunny joseph, Anu tresa sunny, Suresh Mathew

J Nanopart Res(2008) 10:567-575


10.. Soft Chemical Synthesis and Structural Characterisation of Nanophase Zinc orthophosphate



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