About Department


About Botany


Being one of the oldest departments to be established right from the inception of the Institution, it strives to promote all round development of students by inculcating a spirit of inquest and discipline through various academic and co curricular activities like certificate courses in

(1) Mushroom cultivation,
(2) Herbal drugs,
(3) Flower arrangement, bonsai making and horticultural practices

Which enable the students to “Earn while learn”

The department also runs training programmes in mushroom cultivation for Local women, farmers, and students. Students of botany are constantly inspired and intellectually stimulated by projects, seminars and workshops conducted by eminent scientist who are involved in the expansion of the boundaries of knowledge. At present the faculty members are carrying out active research by way of publishing papers, doing minor research projects, participating and presenting papers in regional, national and international seminars and workshops. The Botany Department has a well equipped Laboratory for doing practicals and also for minor research projects.

Goals and Objectives

The department offers its students

a holistic development and academic excellence to contribute effectively to the research and development of the subject

to equip young men and women for self employment

to develop an aptitude towards science and nature

to become more responsible and aware of their commitment to society 


1. The department  provides consultancy service

     in mushroom cultivation to INFAM, SHG Members,  farmers and schools
     in systematic identification of medicinal plants to Nirmala college of pharmacy and  Kotancheril Pharmaceuticals,      Vazhakulam.

2.  The department alumni association  has started a web site: www.ncba.co.in

3.  Our alumni are doing Ph.D.and Post doctoral research in varous reputed institutes in India and abroad.

4.  Some are well placed in India and abroad.

5. The department has been consistently getting very good results in the University  examinations.

6. The department organises seminars, workshops and conferences with varied levels of outreach.

7. Facultymemebers are actively engaged in research activities in accordance to their feild of expertise. 

Teaching  Staff

Present Faculty Members:- 

Name Qualification Phone No E-mail ID

Ms.Ansy P.S

Associate Professor(HOD)





Dr. Sr. Tessy Joseph

Associate Professor

MSc. B.Ed. MPhil. Ph D .




 Ms. Jaiby Cyriac

Assistat Professor

 M.Sc, B.Ed, NET   +91 9946280023


  Dr. N. Shibin Mohanan

Assistant Professor

 M.Sc, NET, Ph.D

 +91 8089678802



Former Faculty Members

Name  Qualification Year of Service   Phone No.
 Prof. K V Joseph                           M.Sc.  1959 – 1990
 0485 2257337
 Prof. Joseph T. Puthenpura    M.Sc.  1954 – 56, 1958 – 1994
 0485 2835719

 Late Prof. K. C. Mriakutty   (Sr Christella)            

   M.Sc.  1968 – 1994  ----------------
 Prof . Rosey George      M.Sc.  1966 – 1996

0485 2832719,


 Prof. K.K. Paul     M.Sc.  1965 – 1997
 0485 2835903
 Prof. Philomina A Vadakkel    M.Sc.   1966 – 1998

 0485 2832834
 Prof.Louis Ninan  M.Sc.  1983-2005  -----------------



  Botanical Garden

The department is adorned with a well maintained botanical garden with rare plants such as Equisetum, Psilotum, Marsilia, Cycas circinalis, Wild Orchids etc. A shade house with numerous shade loving plants is another attraction of the botanical garden.

Mushroom House

The department is further enriched with a well established mushroom house in the botanical garden. It provide ample material to the students for their project work. Moreover, it is profusely useful to the department for conducting workshops and providing consultancy service in mushroom cultivation.





Mushroom Spawn production

Dark Room


Herbal Garden

The department also has a  herbal garden with a number of luxuriant medicinal plants.

Teaching innovations

Remedial classes  for slow learners and special guidance for advanced learners  to excel in their studies, Tutorial system, Peer teaching, Field study , Study Tour, Group Discussions, Student Seminars, Continuous Evaluation, Preparation of study materials by students (Maps, charts etc) and project works,  ICT enabled learning, Experiential learning, Academic and psychological counseling and financial support to the needy students .

In addition, a post admission test is conducted for the first year degree students to identify their aptitude towards botany. 


The deparment maintains a book bank facility apart from the central library. CDs on various fields of botany are also available.